2011 | Approx. 20 mins | Expanded Cinema Performance



Magus(re)Genesis is a collaborative film and music performance piece by filmmaker, Jaimz Asmundson and musician, Jeremy Pillipow. The performance deconstructs their two previous film collaborations (Drawing Genesis and The Magus) into an improvised, live multi-channel, full-dimensional experience.

The original works, Drawing Genesis (2006) and The Magus (2011), were processed-based experimental films that explored the root of artistic creation by documenting the artistic process of painter, C. Graham Asmundson. With the earlier work, this process was documented in a one-take improvised manner: shot and edited in-camera. In the more recent film, the process was manifested in a narrative/documentary structure, using occult symbols and influences that inspire Asmundson’s work, as the artist created, destroyed and resurrected four large paintings that become part of a greater spiritual and artistic experience. Through psychedelic imagery and machine-gun editing, the resulting film is a stylized, hyper-kinetic, cinematic manifestation of Asmundson's artistic practice. With this live re-imagining, both artists attempt to shed their prearranged and arduous approaches to editing and sound design, used in the films, and return to spontaneous creation by reinterpreting their work in a live context. This improvised process mirrors and further investigates the mind-altering, six-month enclosure that C. Graham Asmundson experienced during the making of the film, in which he created four paintings on the walls of an 8’ x 8’ white room.

Performance Overview

This collaborative performance involves Jeremy Pillipow performing elements from the score and sound design live, while Jaimz Asmundson edits the film live and creates composite layers (much like are seen in the film) of footage, using VJ software, that will be framed by two channels of pre-synched footage that compliments and further explores the artists’ process.

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Biographies / Artist Photos:
JAIMZ ASMUNDSON (FILMMAKER) is a Winnipeg-based media-artist, working primarily in film and video and most recently in expanded cinema performance. His award-winning work has traveled to film festivals worldwide, including a retrospective and residency in Cologne, Germany and he was called "Winnipeg's enfant terrible of transgressive cinema" by Antimatter Film Festival. Jaimz is a member of the WNDX Film Festival, a past programmer of the Gimli Film Festival and he has also contributed to many award-winning shorts, features, documentaries and tv productions as a picture editor, assistant editor and graphic designer.
JEREMY PILLIPOW(COMPOSER) has played a major role in Winnipeg's electronic music scene for over a decade. Writing and producing under various names he is most known for his two flagship projects Distorted Memory and Cakebuilder. Often dark, and always progressive, Pillipow's music has gained a large audience globally which has allowed him to perform across Canada and recently Europe.

Produced with the Generous Support of
Winnipeg Arts Council


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