2015 / 6 mins / 35mm

A process-based, experimental film about loss, and the parallel between memory and the physical self: how it evolves, degrades and disintegrates.

Citizens Against Basswood
2012 / 3.5 mins / Super 8

Found audio of concerned citizen(s) rallying to prevent the nuisance of new trees scheduled to be planted on their block in the 1980s.

2012 / 5 mins / HD

A first person perspective self-portrait of the filmmaker while suffering from a migraine.

Commissioned for POP Montreal's Auroratone Project using the track "Crystal Fortress Over the Sea of Trees" by Yamantaka // Sonic Titan.

The Magus
2011 / 12 mins / HD

"The Magus" is a multi-format, process-based experimental film that explores the root of artistic creation. The film documents visual artist, C. Graham Asmundson's body of work over a rigorous six-month period. 

Kanye West Apologizes to George W. Bush
2011 / 2.5 mins / HD

The way Kanye West's Today Show apology, for saying "George Bush doesn't care about black people", should have been: face to face..

Do The Blubb!
2010 / 1.5 mins / HD

While at a residency in Cologne, Germany, footage was shot for collaborative documentary about a local video artist, Wilda Wahnwitz. The footage was edited into a musical jawa cut-up that symbolizes Wilda’s video practice and her erratic personality.

Goths! On The Bus!
2010 / 3.5 mins / Super8

A couple of uber-goths ride the public transit to go to the mall and buy more lipstick.

Shot in sequence and in one take, for the 2009 One Take Super 8 Event at the WNDX Festival in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Film and Music by Karen & Jaimz Asmundson

* Winner of the Audience Favourite Award @ $100 Film Festival, Calgary
* Winner of the Audience Favourite Award (3rd Place) @ Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt
* Winner of the Best Music Video Award @ Chicago International Movies & Music Festival

The Phantom of The Cinematheque
2008 / 3.5 mins / DV

On the 25th anniversary of his employment, Dave Barber, the visionary-workaholic programmer of Winnipeg's beloved Cinematheque, dies tragically in an avalanche of VHS tapes while working late to finish the programming calendar. His workaholic ghost returns to the land of the living to finish the calendar and haunt the Cinematheque by night.

Commissioned for the 25th Anniversary of the Winnipeg Film Group's Cinematheque.

2007 / 11 mins / DV, 16mm, Super8

Following the death of his girlfriend in a car accident, a man suffers from post-trauma and attempts to maintain his grip on sanity. Now renting a dingy basement suite, he is plagued with constant interruptions from his landlady and terrifying bouts of sleep paralysis. His sense of the real and the illusory world begins to blur when he is visited nightly by hallucinatory representations of his depression in the form of a Succubus.

Shot on mixed media including hand-processed and hand-painted 16mm, Super8, VHS and Digital Video.

Drawing Genesis
2006 / 3 mins / Super8

Drawing Genesis' is a saturated visual compendium which traces C. Graham Asmundson's performative gestures and visual residue. With the use of time lapse, still frames, lens obstruction, occult symbolism, subliminal imagery and blatant queer references; the film presents a ritual of artistic inspiration that invokes man's primal forces.

The soundtrack was created by converting a photograph of one of the paintings to a MIDI music file using the program 'Sound of an Image'. This was subsequently fed into various synthesizers and sound programs and ultimately performed live by electronic artist, Cake Builder, adding a lush sound sigil to the frenetic magical imagery.

This film was created during the One Take Super 8 Event at the first annual WNDX Festival in 2006.

Blow Me
2005 / 20 mins / DV

‘BLOWME’ is the metaphorical story of news columnist Ashley Tray, who struggles to write for a local newspaper, nicotine-free. He is under constant stress by his boss, Mr. Cornflower, to meet his deadlines but it just isn’t the same without his sacred muse: Nicotine.

Throughout the film, he is constantly taunted by cigarette smoking characters, which are meant to represent the various brands of the cigarettes themselves. He is eventually drawn back into the world of smoking, and as result, he is able to write again. However, this causes him to lose control of his life, along with his job and his girlfriend, and in the end all he has left is addiction.

Liquid Lunch
2004 / 4 mins / Super8

A surrealist nightmarish view of a capitalist fast food society that focuses on instant gratification of animal instincts.

Our hero, Frank the businessman, peruses the adult classifieds for a lunch-hour quickie. He gets more than he bargained for when he encounters a "real" dominatrix.

Liquid Lunch is a short punk rock film shot on Super8 that has been screened at underground and queer film festivals worldwide. It was produced at a hand-processing workshop through the Winnipeg Film Group.

Carpet Cleaners
2002 / 26 mins / 16mm

Amerika, Zed and Kyle are good friends until the excitingly undermedicated bitch goddess Trasha enters the frame, cutting Kyle off from his friends and their vacuous and unencumbered world of beer and porn. Amerika and Zed aim to free their friend from the clutches of his nutburger girlfriend by enlisting the aid of the Sappho Carpet Cleaners for some wet work. The plan goes awry when Trasha and her psychosis find themselves a paying gig and tables are turned, trashed and burned.

The Attack of the 50 Foot Chihuahuas From Outer Space!
1999 / 8.5 mins / Hi8

A group of bored, giant Chihuahuas land on earth and lead a demented war against a young goth and his friends, by waiting around every corner and pissing on them every chance they get.