December 14, 2011

Creative Cutting: Advanced Digital Editing Workshop

Participants wishing to explore the more advanced features and capabilities of Final Cut Pro are encouraged to take this hands-on workshop. This open lab-style workshop will give participants in depth knowledge of colour correction, chroma keying, compositing, titles and motion graphics, keyframing, working with multiple formats and the tricks to make the best of your time while working on your projects. Participants will also be introduced to sister programs such as Soundtrack, Compressor and DVD Studio Pro. This lab will be delivered via video projector and participants will work at individual editing stations together as pairs. Participants are also encouraged to bring their laptops if they are running FCP version 6 or higher.

Dates: Sat Jan 7 (10am-4pm), Sun Jan 8 (10am-4pm), Mon Jan 9, 2012 (6pm-10pm)
Registration Fee
: $125 members | $155 non-members
Maximum 10 participants - 5 spots available through Winnipeg Film Group (925-3456) + 5 spots available through Video Pool (949-9134)
Instructor: Jaimz Asmundson