September 28, 2010

"Goths!" At Antimatter!

"Goths! On The Bus!" will screen at the 13th Annual Antimatter Film Festival on October 15, as part of the "The Delian Mode" program alongside new work from Canada, USA, Germany and Ireland.

Antimatter is a great festival that showcases international underground, experimental and new media works. I have had the pleasure of screening at the festival several times in the past and have attended a few times as well. Always good times!

September 26, 2010

Do The Blubb!

"Do The Blubb", embedded above, screened at the 90 Second Film Contest at Nuit Blanche last night. The video received an honourable jury mention and a great crowd response. Fun times in the Peg!

September 21, 2010

90 Second Quickie Film Contest

Saturday, September 25, 2010, 10:00 PM @ Portage & Main
The 90 second quickie film contest is a call to create a 90 second (or shorter) film, which is organized by the Winnipeg Film Group. Participating films will be shown as part of Nuit Blanche on the 35' by 13' screen at Portage and Main.

I edited together a video called, "Do the Blubb", which was actually shot during my artist residence at the Kolner Filmhaus in Cologne, Germany earlier this year. Mike Maryniuk, there as a representative of the Winnipeg Film Group, was teaching several workshops on DIY camera tricks and hand-processing. Wilda Wahnwitz, a local video-artist, attended and gave Mike a DVD of her work. Once I arrived, Mike was particularly smitten with her video "BlubbShow" and insisted my dad, Graham Asmundson, and I see it. It quickly became our strange morning wake-up: Mike would barge into our room playing the video on his laptop and singing along.

I met Wilda a few days later and my dad and I told her how much we loved her piece, she was quite ecstatic and told us she has actually played the video at other festivals and had a similar memetic response from the crowd.

We decided to collaborate on something and did a very spontaneous shoot at the Filmhaus one afternoon. "Do the Blubb" is my interpretation of her piece, "BlubbShow" in a documentary / jawa-style cut-up.

See her "trailer" for the Blubb phenomenon:  that features an interview with my dad and clips from our shoot. I will be posting, "Do The Blubb", after the screening at Nuit Blanche.