September 11, 2012

"Scintoma" premieres at POP Montreal

I was commissioned by to create a film for the Auroratone Project at the Film POP segment of the 2012 POP Montreal Festival in Quebec. The screening is 9pm on September 21st at the Film BOX (Quartiers POP – 3450 St-Urbain, 3rd Floor).

The Auroratone Project is a commission of original short films by experimental Canadian filmmakers set to the music of POP Montreal’s 2012 participants. ‘Auroratones’ were abstract musical films used in mental institutions and army hospitals after WWII as a means of soothing post-traumatic stress disorder and general mental disturbance, invented by film enthusiast Cecil Stokes who was continuing on nearly two centuries of previous pseudo-scientific attempts to correlate colour with musical notes. For POP Montreal, filmmakers Leslie Supnet (Manitoba), Emily Pelstring (Quebec), Jon Rafman (Quebec), Alex MacKenzie (BC), Walter Forsberg (Manitoba), Leslie Bell (Alberta), Jaimz Asmundson (Manitoba), Cheryl Hann (Nova Scotia), Tamara Scherbak (Quebec), Heather Rappard (Nova Scotia) and Sabrina Ratte (Quebec) were approached to create original abstract films guided by the principles of Cecil Stokes’ Auroratones. As an added bonus, project mentor Walter Forsberg will give historical context before screening the only surviving original Auroratone, as well as Auroratone-like videos by Schtuff and actress and animator Kate Dollenmayer (Mutual Appreciation, Funny Ha Ha).   - Curator, Kier-La Janisse

My film titled Scintoma is a first person perspective of myself as I make my way home from work, while suffering from a wicked migraine, and then fall into a fever induced psychaedelic dream.

The film uses the track "Crystal Fortress Over the Sea of Trees" by the band Yamantaka // Sonic Titan.

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